Swim Groups

Practices are held for all groups at Audrey Moore Recreation Center: 8100 Braddock Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

Swim Groups Within NVN

We encourage participation in all levels of competition sanctioned by USA Artistic Swimming and the USA Artistic Swimming Foundation. At the coaches' discretion, each swimmer is assigned to a practice/competition group within NVN based upon the swimmer's age and ability:

Age Groupings

Official Age. A swimmer's official age is based on how old they will turn during the calendar year of the spring competition season. For example, a swimmer born in 2014 will be considered 10 years old for the 2023-24 season, even if they will not actually turn 10 until later in the year. 

Age Grouping Categories. The official age grouping categories are 12 & Under; 13-15; 15-17; and 18-19. A swimmer may be assigned to compete in an older age grouping if their ability justifies it, but no swimmer may compete in a younger age grouping.  

Ability Levels. There are three groupings based on ability, with subdivisions within each for swimmers of different ages. All NVN swimmers are officially assigned to one of these levels with USAAS, and all NVN swimmers participate in the team routine for their level and age group:  At the Novice and Intermediate level, our swimmers are recreational, officially register with USA Artistic Swimming (USAAS) as “Athletes,” and compete only in invitational and regional meets. At the Age Group level, swimmers register as “Competitive Athletes.” They practice significantly more throughout the season and travel to compete at official USAAS-hosted national competitions. 

Official Age Group Categories:

For more about the transition to Age Group, please see this Age Group Basics document. 

Not sure which group is right for your swimmer? Email president@nvnsynchro.com or outreach@nvnsynchro.com and we'll be happy to help!

Junior AG

13-15 (Youth) AG

11-12 AG


Junior AG Duet